Our mission

Our mission is to eliminate hunger in our area through the distribution of food and information; without regard to race, color or creed, in the most understanding and sympathetic manner, recognizing the dignity and equality of all people under God.

Diverse clients

Children are going to bed hungry. The pantry helps households who are in need of food.
–Debra, client

We serve children, adults, seniors, the homeless, the unemployed and the working poor. Most of these people are operating at or below poverty guideline standards that are established each year by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Clients are referred to us by word of mouth, by other agencies and organizations, schools, churches, as well as through publicity. Eligibility to receive food is determined by SNAP guidelines and/or individual need.

A history of giving

In 1973, Father Davis, the pastor of St. Patrick’s Church, noticed an increase in the number of individuals who came to the rectory kitchen door asking for help with food. For several months, he and his housekeeper put together food bags to help folks out. The need soon outgrew their ability to keep up with demand, so Father Davis asked some women in the parish community to help organize a much needed pantry distribution. The women started pre-packing bags to be ready at a moment’s notice. But the need continued to grow, and eventually these dedicated women signed a membership contract with the Food Bank of the Southern Tier, then a very small, new distribution center to help combat hunger in the Southern Tier. This was the birth of Corning Community Food Pantry, the non-denominational agency we now serve. We have grown throughout the years and are now in our fourth location.

Our partner