Strengthen our community

September is Hunger Action Month!
It takes a community to fight hunger. Every little bit helps! If you are interested in donating money, please click here. For information on donating non-perishable food, visit this page. To learn about ways you can give of your time, click here.

Give now

If You Need Food
Anyone in need of assistance is welcome to come to our pantry, even if you have never visited before. No need to call ahead! On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, our waiting room is open, which means more choices and services are available for you. Click here for more information. Drive-up service continues on our other days of operation. Please be sure there is room in the trunk/back of your vehicle. Follow the signs in the parking lot and wait in your car. A volunteer will bring a cart of groceries for you to unload and place in your vehicle. Please wear a mask whether in the car or waiting room.

Save the date
November 17 & 18, 6 PM to 6 PM
24 hours of celebration of the Finger Lakes.
One-stop giving to many of your favorite local nonprofits, including us!

Eliminating hunger in our area.

Each year, we distribute about 140 tons of food to thousands of people in need. But visitors receive more than just groceries. The Corning Community Food Pantry, a member agency of the Food Bank of the Southern Tier, offers dignity and respect. It doesn’t matter what brings a person through our doors. It only matters that they leave with the food they need, served with compassion.


When struggling with hunger due to food insecurity, people can visit us to receive nutritious groceries.

Essential items

The Food Pantry also offers free clothing, personal care items, books, and even special birthday bags for children.


It’s not just what we do. It’s the attitude with which we do it. Respect for all people is the heart of our philosophy.

You make all the difference.

The Food Pantry relies on donations from people like you to keep fighting hunger in the Southern Tier.
We keep costs low by relying on volunteers for all aspects of our work.
Learn more about how you can donate time, talents, or items.


Meet Jennifer

I work full time and don’t qualify for food stamps. The pantry helps me to feed my kids. Without the pantry, I don’t know what I would do.

Meet Karen

I am disabled. It is hard for me to live on my limited income. I come to the pantry for help with my food.

Meet Pam

We had a fire and lost everything. The Pantry has helped us make it through this difficult time of rebuilding.