What we do

Food to fill in the gaps

We provide supplemental food assistance to people in need. Clients visit once a month to receive enough groceries for approximately five to seven days. Nutritious items may include: grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meats and non-meat proteins, as well as butter, oils and sweets (all subject to availability). We are a client choice agency, so individuals are able to select their foods from available items. The amount received depends on the number of people in the household.

If an emergency situation develops, clients may return a second time in the same month. Our executive director can make exceptions as needs arise.

We also regularly promote other food sources such as SNAP (the food stamp program) and local mobile food pantries.

Even more support

For the convenience and support of our clients, we offer education and strive to meet other basic human needs.

  • Cornell Cooperative Extension food demonstrations
    Every Tuesday, clients can receive cooking instructions, recipe directions, health and nutrition information, and samples to taste.
  • Featured recipes
    Handouts are available for clients to bring home.
  • Clothing closet
    Clients can choose needed free clothing items from our small selection.
  • Lending library
    Books for all ages can be read in the waiting area or borrowed for home use from our little library.
  • Diapers and personal care items
    These items are available upon request or if a need is detected by staff.
  • Healthy food shelves 
    A limited supply of special foods help accommodate those with specific dietary needs or requests.
  • Essential needs bags for girls or women
    At specific times throughout the year, bags are available that contain essential items to promote healthy personal habits and proper grooming such as: soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, pads and toilet paper.
  • Jodi’s Garden
    We grow a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs seasonally in our own garden beds to distribute to clients, but also to teach them about home gardening and healthy eating.

Reaching into our community

  • Homeless assistance
    We provide basic personal and survival items to homeless people such as can openers, blankets, paper plates and utensils
  • Dayspring residents
    Food and items are provided to pre-qualified residents
  • Head Start
    Food items are provided to pre-qualified households of Head Start students in the Corning area.
  • Thanksgiving groceries distribution
    A turkey and fixings to prepare are available to qualified clients every November.